DCTNG - The Next Generation of filesharing

DCTNG is an initiative for a new filesharing protocol based on the Direct Connect structure. Consisting of clients and hubs, but adding modern capabilities to the protocol, such as multisource downloads, unique ids, file hashes, security and stealth.


The DCTNG initiative in it's original form is dead, however it spawned discussions and a movement towards a new and more defined protocol. As it stands today, ADC is that new protocol and is based on the DCTNG proposals and other ideas forming an altogether better foundation for a next generation filesharing network.


ADC/0.10 Session IDs, hashed (and presumably more secure) CIDs, encrypted ADC using TLS
DCTNG/0.4 The last DCTNG protocol spesification draft (December, 2003)
DCTNG/0.3 Second publicly available draft (July, 2003)
DCTNG/0.1 First publicly available draft (May, 2003)

Note: Older documents kept here, are for completeness and historical reasons. If you are intending to implement compatible software you should always use the latest specification.


If you wish to discuss this protocol, you can join the DC development mailinglist. This has been very inactive lately, so you should also check out the DC++ developer wiki.

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